Rosalyn Baker-Ingham, MSW
Brain Health (38 min)

Dr. Pamela Benitez, MD
A Hollistic View of Health and Health Recovery  (35 min) 
Cancer (34 min) 

Dr. Matt Brown, MD Internal Medicine
Athletes and Oxidative Stress (31 min) 
Cancer, MD Anderson Study on Juice Plus+® (5 min) by Dr. Matt Brown
Cancer, Nutrition and Juice Plus+® (42 min) by Dr. Kim Dalzell and Dr. Matt Brown
Chemo, Radiation Therapy, Chronically Ill Patients and JP+   (5 min)  
Diverticulosis (5 min) 
MD Anderson Study Comparing Eating Fruits and Vegetables to JP+ and Complete  (5 min)
Muscular Dystrophy and Juice Plus+   (5 min) 
Physician Burn-Out   (5 min) 
The Broken Medical System in Our Country: 3 Primary Care Doctors Speak up (38 min)
     with Dr. Matt Brown, Dr. Drew Clarke and Dr. John Saran
Toxins in the Environment and the Need for Fruits and Vegetables   (5 min)
Why I began Sharing JP+   (6 min)
VIDEO: Matt F. Brown, Jr., M.D. 

Dr. Joseph Cannizzaro
Babies Taking Juice Plus+® (pdf)

Dr. Candace Corson, MD Family Practice
Dr. C's Story - Medical Doctor/Mom/Grandmother on a BIG Mission - with you! (4 min)
ALS - What to do when a young person is diagnosed (5 min)
Are Your Feeding the Good Guys  (36 min)
Arteries - Why do they constrict after eating a high fat meal?    (5 min) 
Asthma and Inflammation  (41 min) with accompanying Article
Autoimmune Disorders (39 min) featuring Dr. Corson, Andrea Mather-Stow and Roe Melnicove
Autoimmune Disorders and How to Begin Taking JP+ (3 min)  
Autoimmune Disorders and Enhanced Plant-based, Whole-food Nutrition (6 min)
Blood Sugar Changes and JP+  (9 min)  
Blood Thinners and JP Omega Blend (1 min)
Brain and Nutrition - also features George Knowles MD (30 min)  
Breathe Easy (35 min) by Anita Coward, NMD and guest Dr. Candace Corson, NMD
Burn Victim and Need for JP+ (2 min)
Calcium Absorption  (6 min)
Cardiovascular Significance, Cholesterol, Inflammation and JP+ (4 min)
Celiac Disease   (3 min) 
Children - How to Give JP+ Chewables to Children for the 1st Time! (6 min) 
Congestive Heart Failure  (12 min)  
Coumadin and Juice Plus+® (June 2016, pdf) by Dr. Candace Corson and Dr. George Knowles
Crohns and Celiac  (40 min)
Diverticulitis  (5 min)
Gut Ecology, The Pre-Biotic Function of Plant Foods and JP+ (29 min)
Hypothyroidism and JP+  (9 min)
Immune System  (6 min)
Immunity, Inflammation and the Research on JP+ (video, 40 min) with Heidi Phillips
Insulin Resistance - Benefits of Plant Foods to Human Physiology and Metabolism, including PCOS (7 min)
Interstitial Cystitis and JP+  (8 min)  
Intestinal Flora, Immune Sys, Heart Disease and the Role of What We Eat  (4 min)
Inviting into the Team (4 min)
Iron and JP+  (8 min)
Juice Plus+ for your Pets (2 min)
Kidney and Juice Plus+ (2 min)
Kidney Stones and Juice Plus+ (5 min)
Kidney Stones and Juice Plus+ with Dr. George Knowles (2 min) and additional 10 seconds
Lifestyle Prospecting Example (6 min) 
Lungs, Pulmonary Function and COPD (3 min)
Lyme Disease   (8 min)
Omegas and Blood Thinners and Need for JP+ with Omegas (1 min) 
Parkinsons Disease and JP+  (11 min)
Poly Cystic Ovary Disease (3 min)
Potassium Very LOW in JP+ (4 min)
Soy Health Info (pdf)
The 3-Way Shortcut    (7 min) 
Tube Feeding Instructions - Adding Juice Plus+ (pdf)
Vitamins - Huge Controversy Over Isolated, Megadoses of Vitamins and Minerals Overviewed  (8 min)
"What is JP+?" Interview with 4 Women (2016): Kidney Disease, High Blood Pressure, Carpal Tunnel, PTSD, GE Tube, Failure to Thrive, ADD, Lyme, Lupus, Dysautonomia, Pericarditis, more...(40 min)    
Whole-Food Nutrition - includes Healthy Living Revolution culture and SHRED10 (42 min, video)
Wound Healing    (10 min) 
VIDEO: Candace Corson, M.D
VIDEO: “Let’s Ask the Doctor” and Click here for a list of questions answered in this video

Kim Dalzell, PhD, RD
Chemotherapy and Cancer Patients: Nutritional Standpoint (7 min)
Cancer, Nutrition and Juice Plus+® (42 min) by Dr. Kim Dalzell and Dr. Matt Brown
Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Organic and Calcium Carbonate Questions with JP+ (5 min)

Richard E. DuBois, M.D. Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases
Basics of Nutrition (pdf)
Doctor, Which Vitamin Should I Take? (pdf)
JP+ Complete PDCAAS Explanation (9 min, video)
JP+ Complete Soy Info (pdf)

Dr. Michael Ewald, Chiropractor
Functional Medicine and JP+    (6 min)
Heart Disease and the Juice Plus+ Research   (5 min) 
Heart Health, Obesity and the Nemour's Children Health Study  (7 min)  
The Juice Plus and NSA Journey (23 min)
VIDEO: Michael Ewald, D.C.

Dr. Sharon Fitelson, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist
Hormones, Health and Nutrition (29 min)

Dr. Eric Goulder, Cardiologist and Dr. Barbara McClatchie, Dentist
Prevention: The Cardiovascular, Dental and Nutrition Connection (video, 60 min) 

Dr. Thomas Hudson
Why Juice Plus+®? (pdf) 

Dr. Tanya Jackson
Calcium and Bone Health   (4 min)
Surgery and JP+ (2 min)

Dr. Carl Makarewicz
Testimony vs. Research   (4 min)

Dr. Valerie Miles
ADHD and Autism (32 min)
VIDEO: Dr. Valerie Miles: Nutrition for Kids - Make Eating Fruits and Vegetables Easy (2 min)

Dr. David L. Katz
I Recommend Juice Plus+® (pdf)

Dr. George Knowles, MD
Brain and Nutrition - also features Candace Corson MD (30 min)     
Coumadin and Juice Plus+® (June 2016, pdf) by Dr. Candace Corson and Dr. George Knowles
Kidney Stones and Juice Plus+ with Dr. George Knowles (2 min) and additional 10 seconds
Vitamin A and the Food Label    (7 min)

Dr. Doug Odom
Phytonutrients from fruit and vegetable concentrates may decrease obstetric complications:
a retrospective study

Pregnancy and JP+ 
Pregnancy and JP+ (24 min)
VIDEO: Doug Odom, M.D.

Dr. Marina Ponton-Arena
Anemia, Iron, B Vitamins and JP+ (2 min)

Dr. Pam Popper
ADHD: Question the Diagnosis and the Prescription  (4 min
Gluten Free Discussion    (5 min)
Mammography Controversy  (4 min)
Shingles Vaccine: Should I Get One?   (3 min)
Weight Loss Principles:  
     Part 1   (5 min)
     Part 2   (3 min)

Dr. Mitra Ray
Animal vs. Plant Omegas (video) by Dr. Mitra Ray, PhD
Dare to Detox (pdf)
Eating for Two (pdf)
Juice Plus+ and Pregnancy (4 min)
Juice Plus+® Safety and Quality (5 min) 
Vitamin A and Beta Carotene (4 min) 

Dr. Jan Roberto
Diabetics and JP+ (3 min)
Nutritionally Fit with Juice Plus+ Complete (webinar)
Soy in JP+ Complete (12 min)
Sugar and JP+ (9 min) 

Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld
Statement About Juice Plus+® (pdf)

Dr. Tamara Sachs, MD
Why I No Longer Recommend Taking Fish Oil (pdf)

Dr. John Saran, MD
Coumadin and JP+    (9 min)
Heart Disease and Vineyard Blend   (3 min)
Hypothyroidism, Cruciferous Vegetables and JP+    (5 min)
Juice Plus+ Effect on Abdominal Fat Mass (AFM) - Post HOC Analysis Published in
     Journal of Nutritional Science Dec 2015 (6 min) More Explanation (pdf) 
MERS COV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus)    (3 min)
Multiple Sclerosis and Other Neurological Conditions: A Guide to Specific JP+ Research Referencing    Inflammatory Markers (7 min)    
Obese Premenopausal Women - British Journal of Nutrition Study  (7 min)
Omega 3 and Omega 6    (7 min)
Smokers Study: Journal of the American College of Nutrition 2013
    Part 1     (5 min)
    Part 2 - Inflammation Reduction and Relation to Neuro, Cardio and Pulmonary Function (3 min)
                 (Molecular Food Research Journal 2010)   
Surgery and Juice Plus+® (5 min) 
Surgery, Pre and Post and JP+    (6 min)
The Broken Medical System in Our Country: 3 Primary Care Doctors Speak up (38 min)
     with Dr. Matt Brown, Dr. Drew Clarke and Dr. John Saran
Thyroid and Juice Plus+® (5 min) 
Vitamins (Centrum) and Heart Disease   (5 min)
Vitamin Controversy - "Annals of Internal Medicine" Dec 2013 Overview of Vitamin Controversy  (8 min)
Wound Healing and the JP+ Research Support    (5 min)

Dr. Kerry Sauser, ARNP, ND, PhD
Autism and epigenetics (3 min)
Mental Health and Relationship to "Gut" Health (1 min)

Dr. William Sears, MD
A Healthy Pregnancy (26 min, video)
ADD or NDD (video, 8 min)
Babies Taking Juice Plus+® (pdf)
Does Juice Plus+ Work? Show me the SCIENCE! (video, 4 min)
Family Nutrition with Juice Plus+® by Dr. Sears /
Nutrition and Mental Health (40 min) - What to Feed Our Brain for Optimal Mental Health
Optimal Nutrition: Pregnancy through High School - 2015 (60 min)
VIDEO: William Sears, M.D.

Dr. Leslie Stoklosa
Fibromyalgia Discussion (3 min) by Dr. Leslie Stoklosa

Dr. Paul Stricker, MD
Athletic Performance and Oxidative Stress: Your Performance Deserves Protection!
VIDEO: Nutrition for Young Athletes: Enhance Athletic Performance (2 min)
VIDEO: Paul Stricker, M.D.

Dr. Gerald Tulzer
Research, P values, Medline Impact Score and Juice Plus+ - interviewed by Gordon Hester (video, 7 min)

Dr. Carol Watson, RN, ND
2015 Sacramento Research Updates and NMD One-Liners (doc)
Cancer Patients - Is JP+ Safe?   (3 min)
Coumadin Letter to JP+ Customer  (doc)
Creating Group Lists (3 min)
Ecard and Video Clip Follow-up (7 min) 
Food Label and Standardization of the Nutritional Components of JP+ (2 min)
Gastric Bypass and JP+   (5 min)
Here is My Reply: FAQs to JP+ Products (32 min)
Hosting a Salad in a Jar Party (4 min) TIPS and Handouts (doc)
Juice Plus+ Complete   (28 min)
Let's Go Fishing    (31 min)
Macro Compared to Micro Nutrition and JP+    (5 min)
Make Stress Your Friend  (7 min) 
NAI Quality Control of JP+ Products   (9 min)
Power of the Purple Pill    (31 min)
Probiotics in JP+    (1 min)
Pushing vs. Leading   (27 min)
Referrals - Asking For (7 min) 
"Sacred Success" by Barbara Stanny...What Stops Us and What Grows Us (3 min)
Soy and Goitrogens 
T30 and One Simple Change Story (34 min)
The "4-8 Principle" and Your Personal WHYS in Life (7 min)
Thyroid and Juice Plus+ 
Vitamins and Calcium Controversy vs. Whole Food Nutrition   (6 min)
What Do You Say When Someone Says JP+ is TOO Expensive? (2 min)
What's the PLUS in JP+ (32 min) 



Wendy Campbell, RN
(Click Here for Wendy's "Voxer and Voicecom Favorites" full list)

Cheree Albert, RN, NP
Surgery and JP+ - Healing and Repair (3 min) by Cheree Albert, RN, Nurse Practitioner  

StaciJoy Ellis, RN
ADD - How to Treat (pdf) by StaciJoy Ellis, RN
Criteria for Discerning Value of a Supplement (4 min)
One Simple Change (30 min)

Penny Maple, RN
Lunchbox Makeover Presentation for Schools (4 min)
Masterful FB Response to Someone Looking for Home-Based Business (6 min)
Working with a Hairdresser (2 min)

Tammy Miceli, RN
Eczema   (3 min)

Peggy Anne Rockey, RN
Dentist - How my Dentist Husband Came to Believe in Juice Plus+    (6 min)

Mary Scherer, RN
Eye Disease, Antioxidants and Cataract Story   (6 min)

Jeanie Williams, RN, NMD
Autoimmune Disorders and Nutrition - The Relationship Between  (41 min)
Inspirational Look at Goal Setting (4 min) 
MS (Multiple Sclerosis) - My Story with JP+   (1 min)


Rhonda Brown
If you don't "feel" a difference when you start taking JP+ (2 min)

Michala Petersen
A.E.I.O.U's of Striding Thru Cancer - 2018 (32 min)
Cancer: Power of JP+ and terminal cancer and going against nutritionist advice (4  min)
JP+ Story 2016 (5 min)
JP+ Story Around Children's Improved Immune Function and Ability to Focus (3 min)
Liver - Elevated Liver Enzymes/Detox (2 min) 
Pomegranate or Grapefruit Drug Interactions (2 min)

Chris Schloss
Our Family Business: How and Why (30 min) 

Kacy Schloss, NMD
Autoimmune Disease and JP+ (including Regina Thomson’s story on Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and how she went from 23 medications to only 3!) (video, 26 min)
JP+ Business Story: From Skeptic to ALL IN (22 min)
Pharmacist on FIRE! (31 min)
Pregnancy - Optimal Nourishment before, during and after your Healthy Pregnancy (video, 35 min)
It covers why JP+ is perfect for pregnancy and 3 moms’ amazing stories!



Laura Dorsey, MSPT, NMD
Crohn’s Disease (7 min)
Diabetes - Type 1 daily regimen with JP+ and JP+ Complete (1 min) 
Injury and Pain (4 min)
Neuropathy and JP+ Research (1 min) 
NMD Story - 2015 (7 min) 
Omega 3, yes! but why Omega 6? (4 min) 
Pain and Inflammation (5 min) 
Surgery and JP+ (3 min) 


Jessica Potterton, Respiratory Therapist, QNMD
Pulmonary Function (lung function): The Huge Impact of Nutrition and How JP+ Can Impact (33 min)


Dr. Frank Eggleston, D.D.S.
Prevention Plus+ Profile
VIDEO: Frank K. Eggleston, D.D.S.

Dr. Barbara McClatchie, Dentist and Dr. Eric Goulder, Cardiologist
Prevention: The Cardiovascular, Dental and Nutrition Connection (video, 60 min) 

Dr. Glenda Urias-Sesteaga
VIDEO: Wellness Presentation in Spanish 

Working with a Dentist (2 min) by Theresa Harrison


Francine Kerber, MS, RD, CDE
Gastroparesis (8 min)