All recordings by Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD, 100 Club

Collection of Wendy’s “Monday Messages” (click here)

Welcome Call! (8 min)

The Relationship Between Nutrition and Disease audio from FB event 12/11/14 (40 min)

"You Don't Have to be Great to Start, but you have to Start to be Great" Zig Ziglar Discussion (7 min)

2015 - The Road from Nashville to Phoenix (31 min)

3+2 Roadmap to NMD (9 min)  

A Christian-based Message on How we Persevere (8 min)

Adding Articles to Your Wellness Presentation Books  (3 min) 

Allergic to Fruits and Veggies...Can I take JP+? (6 min)

Allergies to Foods, GI System and How JP+ Fits  (9 min)    

Allergy to a food within JP+? (9 min)

Alzheimer's  (9 min) 

Anemia..."My PC is anemic and yet she is on JP+, how can that be?" (3 min)

Arthritis: Best Vegetables for Arthritis including Nightshade Vegetables (3 min)

Ask Questions! (3 min)

Asthma - How to Treat with Fruits and Vegetables (2 min) 

Asthma Linked to Fast Food (4 min) 

Athletes, Injury and JP+ (4 min) 

Autoimmune Disorders
     Part 1  (5 min)   
     Part 2  (5 min)   
     Part 3  (9 min) 
Your Customer with an Autoimmune Disorder has not Experienced Dramatic Results Yet with Juice Plus?  
     (4 min)    

Babies and JP+: When to Add JP+ to a Babies Diet (6 min)

Basic JP+ Research Overview
     Part 1  (7 min)  
     Part 2  (10 min)       
     Part 3  (9 min)  
     Part 4  (7 min) 

Basic Macro Nutrition
Carbohydrates and Fiber: Basic Nutrients    (5 min)
Fat: 1 of 4 Basic Nutrients  (5 min)  
Protein: 1 of 4 Basic Nutrients    (6 min) 

Be Grateful for the Bullet Holes
Part 1  (5 min)   
Part 2 (7 min)  
Part 3 (6 min)   

Beauty of Juice Plus+® by Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD
    Part 1  (5 min
    Part 2 (4 min)

Bone Health (3 min)  

Bowel Training (pdf) 

Bowel Training for GI Issues: Constipation, IBS, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, etc - 2016 (8 min)
(Also listen to Autoimmune Disorder teaching as many GI disorders are related to autoimmune)

Build Your JP+ Franchise Story Bigger for the New Year   (5 min)

Building Up Our 20-Year-Old Distributor's Stories (7 min)   

Calcium and Juice Plus+® (pdf) by Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD

Calcium - Why isn't there very much calcium listed on the JP+ label? (4 min)

Cancer - Power of Fruits and Vegetables: Overview of Articles (8 min)

Cancer - Hitting Cancer on All Sides (5 min)   

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs - To Take or Not to Take? (4 min) 

Creating Your Own PowerPoint Presentation   (6 min)

Constipation by Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD, 100 Club
     Part 1   (5 min)  
     Part 2  (5 min) 

Convention to Convention Planning   (7 min)

Coumadin and Juice Plus+®? (6 min) 

Crohns Disease  
     Part 1  (10 min) 
     Part 2  (10 min)
     Part 3   (8 min)

Crohns Disease and Juice Plus+® (pdf) by The Juice Plus+® Company and Wendy Campbell, RN

Cushing's Disease (2 min) 
     4 Lifestyle TIPS for Cushing's Syndrome 
     Cushing's Disease: 5 Ways to Naturally Manage Symptoms

Detoxification and Juice Plus+ - 2018 (8 min)

Diabetes and Juice Plus (4 min) 

Disease - Handling Disease Specific Questions (10 min) 

DMO, Monthly Activity and "NMD in Training" Activity "Now and Then" - 2015 (9 min)

Do You Need to Have an Expert DO the Wellness Presentation for Your New Long Distance Team Member? (9 min) 

Failure is What Happens When We Fail to Plan  (7 min)  

Fast Track Teaching Weaving the Team Building Bonus Program for NEW and OLD Distributors...The WHYS  (16 min) 

Fiber in Juice Plus+® (pdf)

Fiber...not that much in JP+ but...(5 min) by Wendy Campbell RN NMD 100 Club

Fiber: The Power of Soluble and Insoluble Fiber  (6 min)  

Fire in Your Belly - 2016 (5 min)

Folic Acid, MTHFR and Juice Plus+ Updates 2018 (1 min) by Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD, 100 Club

Food is Medicine
     Part 1   (5 min)
     Part 2   (5 min)
     Part 3   (5 min) 

Gastric Bypass Surgery and Juice Plus+® (4 min) 

Go Pro, 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre - OVERVIEW
Part 1 - Network Marketing Isn't Perfect...It's Just better (13 min)   
Part 2 - Decide to Be a Professional. Decide to Go Pro (6 min)
Part 3 - Skill #1: Finding Prospects (6 min)
Part 4 - Skill #2: Inviting Prospects to Understand Your Product (P1)   (6 min)
Part 5 - Skill #2: Inviting Prospects to Understand Your Product (P2)   (6 min)
Part 6 - Skill #3: Presenting Your Product/Opportunity to Your People (10 min)  
Part 7 - Skill #4: Following Up with Your Prospects (10 min)    
Part 8 - Skill #5: Helping Your Prospects Become Customers or Dist (9 min)  
Part 9 - Skill #6: Helping Your New Distributor Get Started Right (6 min)   
Part 10 - Skill #7: Promoting Events (7 min)    
Part 11 - Anything Worthwhile Takes Time (9 min) 
Part 12 - It's All Worth It  (7 min)

Handling Disease Specific Questions (10 min)

Heart Disease, Genetics and the Role of Fruits and Vegetables (5 min)

How Do You and a New Distributor Get Paid on PVC?   (7 min)

"I am too busy to take a look at the JP+ business" (2 min)

"I Can't Afford JP+" and "I Can't Share JP+ at Work/Bible Study" (7 min)

"I just didn't feel like talking about Juice Plus+ that day" (5 min) 

     Part 1   (5 min)  
     Part 2   (4 min)

Injury, Athletes and JP+ (4 min) 

Invitation to Your Team   (6 min)

Iron in Juice Plus+?   (3 min) 

JP+ Food Label vs. Supplement Label (6 min)

Juice Plus+® - Negatives on JP+ or our industry? (7 min) by Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD, 100 Club

Juice Plus+® - Negativity about Juice Plus+® Answer (pdf) by Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD

Juice Plus+ ® Research - Basic JP+ Research Overview
     Part 1  (7 min)  
     Part 2  (10 min)       
     Part 3  (9 min)  
     Part 4  (7 min) 

Kidney - Chronic Kidney Disease and the Alkali Effect with Fruits and Vegetables (5 min)   

Let's Make Our JP+ Story Bigger and Better  (12 min) 

"Mapping Your Downline Growth and PVC Report from the End of the Last Business Month" and quick overview of "12 Month Analysis" (12 min) - Aug 2017

Mental Health and Our Business (4 min)
     Article: How Can you Improve Your Mental Health and Well-Being in 2015
More than Enough (5 min)

MTHFR, Folic Acid and Juice Plus+ Updates 2018 (1 min) by Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD, 100 Club

My Customer's Doctor Said to Stop Taking JP+...What Do I Say?  (11 min)  

Negativity on JP+ in blogs - 2018 (6 min) by Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD, 100 Club

Nitrates (2 min)
     Foods Containing High Levels of Nitrates (pdf)

Nutrition - Basic Macro Nutrition
Carbohydrates and Fiber: Basic Nutrients    (5 min)
Fat: 1 of 4 Basic Nutrients  (5 min)  
Protein: 1 of 4 Basic Nutrients    (6 min) 

ORAC Explanation (7 min) by Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD

Organizational Workbook into Conference to Conference Planning Training (13 min)

Osteoarthritis and JP+ (6 min) by Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD, 100 Club

Oxalates: How does Juice Plus+ fit with a low oxalate diet? (kidney stones)
     Low Oxalate Diet May Help Prevent Kidney Stones by UPMC
     Oxalates, Kidney Stones and Juice Plus+® (4 min) by Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD

Phytochemicals - Generic Overview (6 min)  

Power of the "Welcome Call"
     Part 1 (15 min)
     Part 2 (5 min)

Procrastination/Responsibility/Where is the INNER DRIVE? (4 min)

Rheumatoid Arthritis and JP+ Immune System Study (3 min) 

SIBO - Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (10 min) by Wendy Campbell, RN, NMD

Skin (6 min)   

Soy Myths and Facts (6 min)    

Step Away from Your Computer and TALK TO PEOPLE (3 min) and Ask Questions! (3 min)

Talking to People (5 min)   

Team Building Bonus Overview 2015 (8 min)

Thanksgiving Message 2012: Choices (6 min)  

The UK Tsunami! Why and How from Emma Sneddon (9 min)  

The UK Tsunami! Why and How from Katie Ravey (7 min)  

Tube Feeding (5 min)    

Tube Feedings - Doctors Orders (7 min)    

Type I Diabetes (6 min)  

What About New Distributors Who Don't Return Your Calls/Texts? (7 min)  

What to Say to Friends Who Roll Their Eyes When You Bring Up JP+ (8 min)

Where and how does nutrition become absorbed by the body? (5 min)

Why 2, 2 and 2 Dosage of JP+  (8 min) 

Why 600 PVC Max for VF Fast Track   (5 min)

Why Commit to a Leadership Convention? (14 min) by Wendy Campbell, NMD, 100 Club, Rhonda Hubbard, NMD and Brandy Foss, NMD
Why Fast Track to VF and SC?  (14 min) 

Wound Healing (2 min) 
    About the Buzz: Fruits and Vegetables Promote Faster Wound Healing